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13 DECEMBER 2017 

Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Jolt of Balkan History

Kosovo: The Balkan Treasure Trove of Humanity

29 NOVEMBER 2017

Latvia: The Baltic Resurrection

15 NOVEMBER 2017

Slovenia: Leading by Strength of Compassion

13 OCTOBER 2017 

Edging Towards The West: Ukraine Europe’s Latest Freedom Seeker


Poland: An Undying Quest for Freedom

30 AUGUST 2017

Croatia: The Pearl of the Mediterranean Speaks

16 AUGUST 2017 

From Empire to Modernity: A Pragmatic Hungary

2 AUGUST 2017 

The Sleeping Giants: Kick-Starting Innovation

31 JULY 2017

Czech Republic: Let’s get the West and the East talking

20 JULY 2017 

The Voices of the East: Perspectives in a Divided Europe?

5 JULY 2017

a generation after the iron curtain:

globsec and the future of slovakia

29 May 2017

Bratislava leads the way in future thinking at GLOBSEC Tatra Summit 2016

3 NOVEMBER 2016 

The 2016 EU Presidency Country:

Slovakia — Europe’s Best Kept Secret

14 APRIL 2016

‘The Kiss Of Judas’:

Will The Heart Of Europe Be Sacrificed Once More?

30 SEPTEMBER 2016 

From Conflict to Peace: The Rise of a UN Secretary-General from the East

08 SEPTEMBER 2016 

The Return of Eastern Europe’s Princes

30 SEPTEMBER 2016 

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