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‘The Kiss Of Judas’: Will The Heart Of Europe Be Sacrificed Once More?

This month’s 48th anniversary of the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia brings into perspective recent history. As old member states squabble over leaving the EU, this invisible nation walks an ever tighter rope. Could the destabilization of the Union mark a renewal of Russian influence in Europe’s East-West gateway?


A Generation After the Iron Curtain:

GLOBSEC and the Future of Slovakia

Europe’s once invisible nation is invisible no more. Ever since Slovakia joined the European Union, the heart of Europe has stepped onto the global platform. It was not that long ago that the country was firmly part of the Soviet bloc. Today, it hosts one of the world’s top security conferences. Year after year, GLOBSEC draws to Slovakia impressive crowds and amazing speakers. Leading scholars, industry captains, top politicians and thought pioneers all flock into its capital, Bratislava. As the world gathers in the city located on the crossroads of East and West for the 3-day event, Slovakia becomes a global mecca of knowledge-sharing.



Dvojité občianstvo: Hrozba alebo príležitosť?

Občianstvo je koncept, ktorý už od staroveku označuje príslušnosť človeka k nejakej spoločnosti a tým určuje jeho práva, privilégiá aj povinnosti.



Welcome to the American town of Slovak, Arkansas

SLOVAK, UNITED STATES – The US State of Arkansas, which is situated on Quapaw native land, is known for many things: the only diamond-mines in the United States, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Johnny Cash, and college football, to name a few. 



Why isn’t dual citizenship permitted in Slovakia?

What is citizenship? It is a law that recognizes a person as belonging to a country. Citizenship can be passed down by blood (Jus sanguinis), which means that you belong to the country of your parents. Or, by birth-location (Jus soli), which means you are given the citizenship of the territory in which you were born



Už ste niekedy počuli o meste Slovak v USA?

Americký štát Arkansas leží na území kmeňa Quapaw. Arkansas preslávili rodáci Bill a Hillary Clinton a Johnny Cash, ako i jediné diamantové bane v USA. Málokto ale vie, že Arkansas je aj domovom jediného mesta v Amerike pomenovaného podľa európskej krajiny. Tým mestom je Slovak (pôvodne Slovactown).

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